Beijing Housing Predict System

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Is that school district housing? YES NO

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Data Download

The housing price data fetched from and the web crawler based on LianJiaSpider.

You can download the original data (CSV) or scikit-learn Model.

1.Why does the project exists?

I want to know about the price tendency and simplely predict the housing price in Beijing after reading the article A Place That Makes New York Real Estate Look Cheap from New York Times.

2.How it works?

The predict model is based on Decision trees of Machine Learning Framework scikit-learn and the system backend is powered by Django. It adopts grid search algorithm to optimization learning model and uses coefficient of determination as training metrics.

3.Who can use it?

The people who want to buy real estate in Beijing can check the history pricing tendency and predict Today's prices with the specs you need. Or, the people are interested in data mining and analysis.

4.Can I help to improve the accuracy?

Yes! The system need to collect more housing data to train model, and use a more accurate algorithm instead to improve the result. If you are interested in this project, feel free to contact me!